Getting Started

As Concordium, we are focused to strengthen our valuable community's power and aiming to empower our ecosystem with talented developers.

Concordium Academy's Vision

Our aim is to give you a verified learning path with good quality materials in your journey towards Web3, help to onboard in a gamified fashion, and motivate you while building on Concordium.
Throughout this journey, you will find a set of tutorials to follow and get more seasoned about Concordium. Whether an absolute beginner or an expert, you will find good material that teaches you about smart contract development, dApps, wallets, and ID 2.0.
There are 3 different difficulty levels and each will have a couple of tutorials for that category where each is followed by an assignment section. You are expected to submit your assignments from the related section to gain a Soul-Bound Token minted by Concordium to verify you are a skilled developer.
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