🚀Mid Level Tutorials

Welcome to the Mid-Level Tutorials! This section will advance your Concordium skills. You will learn how to implement, deploy, and interact with smart contracts effectively.


In this section, you'll build upon the foundational knowledge acquired in the first section and its assignment. By completing these tutorials, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Concordium and develop the skills to implement, deploy, and interact with smart contracts.

Topics Covered

  1. Implementation: Learn how to implement various functionalities within Concordium using smart contracts.

  2. Deployment: Discover the process of deploying smart contracts onto the Concordium blockchain.

  3. Interaction: Explore methods for interacting with deployed smart contracts, enabling you to utilize their capabilities effectively.


Engaging with these tutorials will enhance your proficiency in Concordium and advance your ability to work with smart contracts. While the difficulty may increase slightly, each tutorial remains achievable for individuals with your talent and dedication. Click the next section to get started!

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