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Rust Installation

First, you need to install rustup which installs Rust and Cargo to your computer. Go to Rustup to install rustup it for your platform.
Select 1 to continue the installation.
Finally, when Rust and Cargo are successfully installed in your system, you should see something similar to the one below.
Copy and paste the commands in a terminal to install Wasm which will be used for building contracts.
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
During Wasm installation in your system you should see something similar to the one below.
Now you need to install the Concordium software package. Click here and download the version 2.2.0 or greater of cargo-concordium for your operating system. The tool is the same for both testnet and mainnet.
First, rename the cargo-congordium-v.x.x file to cargo-concordium. Then go to the directory where the file is downloaded and run this command to make it executable. You also need to move the cargo-concordium executable to the cargo folder. Follow the information here to ensure that your cargo-concordium is configured correctly. The commands below are specifically for MacOS. Remember to adjust the commands based on your operating system.
sudo chmod +x cargo-concordium
mv cargo-concordium ~/.cargo/bin
If everything is correct, when you enter the command cargo concordium --help it shows something similar to the below.
If you have a warning on a Mac device that says “cargo-concordium cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified” that means it requires permission to run and you should go to System Preferences → Security and unlock it with your password and click Allow Anyway.