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Install Code Editor

In this section we will show you how to install a code editor to your system.
You can use Visual Studio Code or vscode which is the most commonly used text editor provided by Microsoft. It has a lot of cool functionalities like GitHub integration and an enormous amount of language/feature support with extensions.

VSCode Windows

Please visit this link and download the Windows installer. It will be a very straightforward installation with standard "Next/Proceed/Finish" approaches and you will install it by following the instructions below.
When you download it click the executable file to install it, accept the agreement and click "Next".
If you want to change the default location "Browse" it if you don't, just click "Next".
Congratulations! When you click the "Finish" button, you will have vscode installed in your system.

VSCode Mac

Go to this link and download the Visual Studio Code from the Download button.
Click the downloaded file like shown in the figure below.
Allow it to "Open".
Congratulations! You have successfully installed VSCode in your system.