Using Concordium Testnet Node Service

This section describes the process of using Concordium Testnet Node Service.

Concordium provides a testnet node service, eliminating the need to run your own node locally for various tasks. The testnet node supports most functionalities, but some are restricted:

  • shutdown = false: Shutdown functionality is unavailable.

  • peer_connect = false: You cannot connect to peers.

  • peer_disconnect = false: Peer disconnection is not supported.

  • get_banned_peers = false: Accessing banned peers is restricted.

  • ban_peer = false: Banning peers is disabled.

  • unban_peer = false: Unbanning peers is disabled.

  • dump_start = false: Dump start functionality is unavailable.

  • dump_stop = false: Dump stop functionality is unavailable.

  • get_peers_info = false: Retrieving peers info is restricted.

  • get_node_info = false: Retrieving node info is restricted.

When executing your commands, be aware of these restrictions. Additionally, ensure to specify the testnet node details:

  • --grpc-port 1000

  • --grpc-ip

Example command:

concordium-client my_command --grpc-port 1000 --grpc-ip

By understanding these limitations and updating your commands accordingly, you can effectively utilize Concordium's testnet node service.\

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